"A day hemmed in prayer, is less likely to unravel!"


The Prayer Shawl Ministry at People's Church of Dover began in December 2009 and was dedicated on Mother's Day, May 9, 2010.  In its first year the Ministry presented over 30 shawls, quilts, and lap blankets to recipients.  The ministry is composed of volunteers who serve God by using their time and God-given talents to create shawls, lap blankets, and quilts.  As we create each item we pray for continued blessings to follow and that the recipient will feel loved and cared for.  We also pray that they will never feel alone and can always feel God’s spirit.  When one of our creations is presented to someone, it is a visible expression of care, concern, and God's love.  The shawls, quilts, and lap blankets provide a virtual hug to recipients at times of challenges and celebrations.  They offer comfort and strength:  during illness; to those undergoing surgery or medical procedures; to those who are grieving; and to those celebrating life's wonderful events such as baptisms and marriages.


Each item has this label affixed to it


from our   to yours

The Ladies of People’s Church of Dover



and is accompanied by a card upon presentation.  The card reads:  “Blessed Be!!  May God’s grace be upon this shawl (quilt)…warming, comforting, enfolding, and embracing.  May this shawl (quilt) be a safe haven…a sacred place of security and well-being…sustaining and embracing in good times as well as difficult ones.  May the one who receives this shawl (quilt) be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love…Blessed Be!!  by Janet Bistrow 2000”.


Church members may request a shawl, quilt, or lap blanket for anyone in need by calling the church office at 302-674-4177 or emailing your request to  All requests should include the following information: 


v  Requestor's name, phone number, and email address

v  Recipient's name

v  Is the recipient a male or female?  Child, teenager, or adult?

v  Where is the recipient and to where should the item be delivered? (home, nursing home, hospital, assisted living facility)

v  Which item are you requesting?  (shawl, lap blanket, or quilt)

v  Please tell us a bit about why this person is in need of a prayer shawl, lap blanket or quilt. 


Our creations are never sold but a donation to our ministry is gratefully accepted in whatever dollar amount you feel comfortable in giving.  Recommended donations are $20 for a shawl or lap blanket, and $35 for a quilt.  We also welcome donations of yarn and supplies.  We are always in need of :  Lionbrand Homespun yarn (2-3 skeins makes one shawl or lap blanket); worsted weight yarn (e.g., Redheart Supersaver, Vanna's Choice) in soft colors (20-24 ounces will make one shawl or lap blanket), cotton quilting blending fabric in light and medium shades of blue, burgandy, purple, brown, beige, and green (2 yards per quilt), and Poly Fil extra loft quilt batting (a 45” x 60” inch crib roll will make one quilt). 


We also welcome support from anyone wishing to assist in this ministry by knitting, or crocheting a shawl or lap blanket or sewing a quilt.  A link to the six patterns we use for shawls and lap blankets is at the bottom of this page and we ask individuals wishing to create a shawl or lap blanket to please use one of the six patterns.  A link to the one pattern we use for quilts is also at the bottom of this page and we ask that you use that pattern if you wish to make a quilt.  Quilt makers may request a “quilt kit” which contains sufficient fabric for one quilt.  Individuals receiving a quilt kit will need to supply extra loft quilt batting to complete their project.   Donations of money, materials, and time will allow our ministry to purchase more yarn and material and continue the ripple effect of unconditional love!




Prayer Shawl and Lap Blanket Patterns
Quilt Instructions