Use of Facilities Policy

Board of Management

People’s Church of Dover

Updated January 11, 2000

Updated June 15, 2008


The facilities of the People’s Church of Dover are intended primarily for the use of the Church and its allied programs.  There is a firm tradition that makes the use of the facilities available for community needs in social, recreational service, and cultural areas to other groups in the community.


Church programs and services have priority over all other use.  All groups wishing to use the facility must check with the church office at least four weeks in advance.


The wide variety of requests for the use of the facilities makes it impossible to develop a uniform policy for all requests.  Therefore, the Board of Management adopts the following guidelines as policy:


1.      Only one key will be issued to the person in charge of the group using the facility.  Abuse of key privilege, such as the making of duplicates or the use by any unauthorized persons, means denial of the facility to the group.  The building must be locked and secured after each use.


2.      There will be no charge to members of People’s Church using the facility for the services of ministry in which the church engages: baptisms, weddings (see separate wedding policy) and funerals.  The Board adopts the following charges for non-members who use the facility for the above mentioned: $100 per day plus sexton.  Weddings for non-members will be assessed $300, which include rehearsal time and the actual wedding.


3.      The use of the facilities for purely personal needs will be dealt with uniformly in terms of members and non-members.


4.      Non-profit groups engaged in public service and supported by voluntary contributions are allowed to use the facilities with permission on a time/space available basis.  This would include groups such as: Boy Scouts of America; Tiger Cubs; Cub Scouts; Girl Scouts of America; AA groups; Pregnant Teens.  The rule is to accept the facility, as it is found, and leave it in the same manner.


5.      No non-church groups may hold any moneymaking projects on the premises without the specific approval of the Board of Management.


6.      Self-help groups that use the facility will be charged a fee.


7.      Fee Schedule:

Sanctuary - $750
Chapel - $100
Gym - $150
Basement/fellowship hall - $150
Fellowship Room (main floor) - $150.

There will be no use of the kitchen by any group outside of the church unless there is a member of the church of Board of Management present for supervision, with knowledge of our gas stove and dishwasher, etc.


8.      Self-help groups may use the basement on a space available basis for $15 per evening on a regular basis.  A case-by-case adjustment will be made and the fee adjusted by conversing with the pastor or the Board of Management.


9.      Community groups using the facilities for rehearsals but which receive income from performances, i.e. up-stairs stage, will be charged $100 for each time used on a regular basis, or $75 for a single use, with Board of Management approval.


10.   Daily educational programs by non-church organizations are to be negotiated separately on a tenant-at-will basis.


11.   Any requests for janitorial services are additional at $10 per hour.  Any groups leaving the premises in such a manner that requires more than minimum effort to clean will be charged on an hourly basis with a minimum rate of $10 per hour.  If this is not acceptable, then any group will be asked to terminate their use of facilities privilege.


12.   There will absolutely be no smoking in the church buildings, and no  alcohol on the premises of People’s Church.


13.   People’s Church will not be held liable for any accident on the premises during facility usage that is beyond normal Church activities.

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