Pastor, Staff, and Lay Leaders

The People’s Church of Dover is congregational in its leadership. That means that we have no bishop, and even our national denomination has no authority over congregational life. Even our Pastor’s authority is limited to spiritual and worship matters. The lay members of the congregation – operating under the guidance of the Spirit – are the only source of authority. Semi-annual meetings of the congregation make all major decisions. The laity, under the advice of the Pastor, determine the missional and spiritual direction of the congregation.

Between its meetings, the congregation empowers nine Trustees and one Moderator to make operational decisions, lead the church in its daily operations, and debate missional issues that need to be taken to the membership for approval. The trustees also monitor the congregation’s spending, to ensure that it is consistent with the annual budget that only the congregation can approve.

The Pastor and Trustees are servants of God, who speaks through the will of the Congregation.


Rev. Dr. G. Derrick Hodge

Rev. Dr. G. D. Hodge is a cultural (economic) anthropologist, whose particular skill is in helping congregations revitalize by forming community partnerships, and forming relationships with their neighbors by crossing boundaries of class and race. After graduating from Union Theological Seminary in 1996, he completed a second Master and a Doctorate in Anthropology at the City University of New York (1999 and 2005). He was called to serve People’s Church at a time of transition, when the lay membership decided to invest in the congregation’s future by revitalizing both its building and its ministries. Dr. Hodge is honored to walk with this congregation as it re-dedicates itself to being a church of and by the People of downtown Dover.


Rebecca Falkowski
Office Administrator

Becky Falkowski began as the church’s administrator in February 2022. Professionally, she has served in journalism, nonprofit communications, downtown revitalization and as an entrepreneur over the years. Her free time is spent with her two granddaughters, ages 2 and 4, who live here in Dover. Her husband is the director of pastoral care for Wesley United Methodist Church. She is pleased to be a part of PCD’s plans to become a community center for those in need in the downtown area.

Randal Revay

Randal came to People's Church in 2010 when he became the church's Sexton. He loves the church because of its diversity and the architecture. He especially likes how the books of the Bible are addressed in a contemporary manner. God is still speaking.

Clarence J. Cummings
Assistant Sexton

Upon moving to Delaware over two years ago and volunteering with Code Purple, Clarence was asked to join the People's Church staff as assistant sexton. As a person with lived experiences, he is a product of God's saving grace and mercy. Clarence has learned it's not what you know, but who you belong to. Partnering with People's Church of Dover and Neighbors in Need, as the assistant sexton, has been a great and humbling opportunity to share God's love with our neighbors

Kathy Hanebutt

Kathy, a member of People’s Church since 1988, has served on the Diaconate, the Pastoral Support Committee, and with the after-school program. She was fortunate to study pipe organ with Philip Betts, former church organist. She has loved playing the People’s Church organ since 2007 in the following capacities: substitute organist, assistant organist, and now, full-time church organist.

Paul Hanebutt
Choir Director, Building Management

Paul has been a member of People’s Church since 1979. He has been involved in the music ministry as a member of the choir, choir director, musical arranger, piano and guitar accompanist and brass player. Paul has also been on the Board of Trustees for many years serving roles in management and repair projects. Psalm 150 - “Praise the Lord…Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”


James Caldwell

Jim came to People’s Church in 1999 after having served as a pastor in the United Methodist Church for 25 years. He has been a member of the choir, served on the Diaconate, and coordinated the Education and Faith Formation ministry. In January 2023 he began to serve as Church Moderator. Jim is convinced that “God is still speaking” and People’s Church is listening closely to discern how God wants to work in us and through us.

Ileana Santiago

Ileana came to People’s church almost 5 years ago when she moved from California with her wife. She has served on the capital campaign, is on the Board for the Community Center and trustees. She feels the congregation is welcoming, friendly and accepting of all. She is excited to see the revitalization of the church and the many community driven programs. God is good!

Robin Hinderer

Robin joined People's Church in 2006 because of the atmosphere, love and sense of community she experienced after accepting an invitation from another member. She has held several roles with People's, the primary one has been treasurer. Robin also enjoys singing in the choir. “I love the message that all are welcome. I have always been a spiritual person, but People's is my first and only spiritual home. I enjoy sense of community, love and history.”

CJ Santiago
Pastoral Support

C.J. moved to Delaware in 2018 from California. She attended services at People's Church and never left. C.J. has been on several committees, including the Pastoral Search Committee, the Women's fellowship Committee, the Pastoral Relations Committee, the Capitol Campaign and is currently a member of the Chesapeake Association Council. She is a member of the church choir. C.J. sincerely believes in the path the church has /is taking to reconnect with the neighborhood and all of God's people.

Lyn Arnold
Chair of Finance

Lyn has been a member of People’s Church for more than 30 years. She has served on the Board of Finance, Trustees, and as Moderator. Currently Lyn is also involved in the Capital Campaign and Stewardship. Lyn has a Bachelor and Master of Art from the University of Delaware. She earned her Master of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Lyn also completed the Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth. She spent many years in commercial credit management and systems and management analysis. During her residence in Delaware, Lyn has served on the executives committee of various organizations. She currently serves on the board of the Central Delaware Blues Society.

Jennifer Childears

Jennifer is the previous moderator (2020-2022) and is the current lay leader for communications. Jennifer and her wife were among the first “out” couples of People’s and helped usher in their Open and Affirming status. She is excited to see the new renovations start and for People’s Church to truly become the hands and feet of Jesus.

Sue Harris
Liaison to the People’s Community Center

Sue has been a member of People’s Church since birth (1959) and her mother was a member of this church since she was a child in 1920. Sue has been actively involved with Mission and Outreach through People’s Church since 1996 and involved with outreach to the local homeless population since 2009. The People’s Church Community Center and our Neighbors in Need program was her mother and hers dream for this church. 100 years ago, many people put their efforts and resources into creating this building and all that it contains. It’s our turn to take the reins and continue with the vision they had but with a slight spin. With our concentration on the homeless and our neighbors who are in need, we can be an important community partner, being the hands and feet of God that we are called to be.

Vicki Healey
Worship Life

Vicky grew up in a military family and moved to Dover as a child. She joined People’s Church in high school. She has been a member of the Church for over 40 years and has served on the Board of Diaconate, capital campaign, and trustees. She loves that the congregation is friendly, supportive, and strives to learn more about God and his will for us.

Reverend Edward Middleton
Deacons and Pastoral Care

Ed recently moved back to Delaware after serving churches in Dallas and Cocoa Beach the past twenty-eight years. He served as People's Church pastor from 1983-94 and helped to found Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, Serenity Place, and Kent County Emergency Home Repair Program. He loved the church then, but is really excited about this community and the grand vision it has embraced and is committed to. How exciting this time is!

Alyssa Middleton-Yates
Children and Youth

Alyssa came to this church when she was 9 years old (almost 40 years ago) when her father was installed as the pastor. She is now coordinating the children and youth program which is offering a free after school drop in program for youth in the neighborhood surrounding the church. Alyssa is committed to the programs of this congregation because she truly believes that “faith without works is dead”.

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